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The Two Moors Way

The Two Moors Way is a beautiful long distance walking route that passes through the heart of Devon, starting on the South coast near Wembury and finishing in Lynmouth on the North Devon coast. The total length is near to 120 miles, the walk will pass through Dartmoor National Park, Exmoor National Park and miles of scenic countryside.

We will be leading a small group on this guided walk over a 6 day duration whilst wild camping on route. We will have the assistance of a support vehicle so there will be no need to carry heavy back packs for the day. A day pack will be required for carrying lighter essential items.

Our support vehicle will meet up with us at the end of each day so we can set up camp and relax. During the expedition we will teach you how to navigate using a map and compass and by the time you finish you will have the confidence and knowledge to plan and carry out your own expedition and adventure trips.

We aim to make this trip  a memorable experience and have planned it to help carry the burden of bringing the essentials with you for wild camping. This will be a self catering trip, we will have cool boxes on board our support vehicle so you can bring fresh food for the journey.

A good level of fitness is essential for this expedition. Preparation/training for long distance walking is strongly advised.

Your guides are qualified, experienced and certified in first aid.

A pre-event preparation day will be run on Dartmoor as an opportunity to do a days hike completing the same distance that we will be doing daily on the event. This day is designed to give you an insight into the distance you will be walking daily on the Two Moors Way Event and to ask any questions regarding the trip. This preparation day is included in the booking cost of the event.

2022 Dates: Monday 18th – Saturday 23rd July 2022 & Monday 1st – Saturday 6th August 2022

Start: Monday – 8am, Bere Alston, Devon OR 9am, Wembury, Devon

Finish: Saturday Approx. 11am Lynmouth, North Devon

Distance per day: Approx. 20 miles

Total Distance: Approx. 120 miles

Bere Alston: When you arrive at the meeting point, we will escort you to a nearby parking destination which is in the village of Bere Alston, near our office. From here we will provide transport to the Two Moors Way starting point at Wembury.

Wembury: Unfortunately, long term parking at Wembury for a group is not possible. If you would like to source your own parking near the village of Wembury please do so.


You can arrange your own lift/transport to Wembury and collection from Lynmouth.

Arriving at Lynmouth

The very welcome sight of the sea at Lynmouth means we will have almost made it! When we arrive at the beautiful seaside town, we will all visit the Lynmouth Pavilion and sign the Two Moors Way completion book. You will also receive your completion badge. Transport will be available to take you back to your starting point.

Camping sites

On route we will have a mixture of wild camping and visiting campsites. We have already planned your camping locations so we will have a certain mileage to cover each day. If as a group we begin to fall behind, the vehicle will be offered as a means to assist. We aim to be finished walking by 6pm each day and we will need to be walking by 8.30 each morning.

  • Monday night – Dartmoor
  • Tuesday night – Dartmoor
  • Wednesday night – Campsite
  • Thursday night – Campsite
  • Friday night – Exmoor
  • Saturday Finish

Injury or leaving the event.

We hope this does not happen, but it might. Injury! If it gets to the point where someone has become injured or develops an injury, we have a few options.

  1. We can drive you to the next campsite and you can have a rest day.
  2. You could walk a small section of the day if possible.
  3. Worst case – you decide enough is enough and you want to leave. We will take you to the nearest town or village with public transport and you will be responsible for getting yourself home. We cannot spend hours dropping people off as the support vehicle will be needed at all times on the trip.


Please bring some cash or a card with you – there may be moments on the trip where you will want to visit a shop, pub, or cafe.


Please ensure all waste goes into appropriate bins provided. We will have a rubbish bag on board our vehicle but please do dispose of your rubbish as and when you can.


There will be times on the trip where we pass through remote sections of countryside and moorland where toilets are not accessible. When toilets are not accessible you will simply have to find a quiet area. You will obviously be given privacy for toilet breaks.

There is at least one proper toilet on each day of the trip that we can access, be it a pub, public toilet or campsite. If visiting a pub or cafe to use their facilities, please do make a small purchase in the building out of courtesy.


  • Practical outdoor clothing
  • Waterproof coat and trousers
  • Walking boots or good footwear for the trail. This could be trail running trainers or similar if you prefer. You must be comfortable in your footwear, and they must be broken in.
  • A comfortable lighter pair of footwear like trainers can be brought for evenings.
  • A sun hat and a warm hat for evenings
  • 2 x pairs of good walking socks
  • Warm dry spare clothing for evenings


  • 1 x main rucksack, we recommend something between 50 and 70ltr. This is to hold your camping equipment.
  • 1x small day pack for essentials such as water bottle, lunch etc. This bag will be with you for the daily walks so we recommend this is kept as small and light as possible, 25ltr will be more than enough.
  • A sleeping bag suitable for season.
  • Bivvi bag. It is a nonessential if you are using a tent, but I always use a bivvy bag to help keep my sleeping bag dry.
  • Roll mat or inflatable mattress to sleep on
  • A Small tent, which ideally is neutrally coloured. 2-person size max
  • Mess tins or billy can for cooking in or something similar
  • A gas stove to cook on and gas.
  • A whistle for emergencies
  • Knife, fork, and spoon – also a mug or cup to drink from
  • A full water bottle (for drinking)
  • means to replenish water i.e., purification tablets or water filter. The water to go bottles are perfect for this.
  • A head torch and a spare set of batteries
  • Compass and map if you wish to improve your navigation skills. The best map to use is the Harvey 1.40k TMW map or the Cicerone map book which is 1.25k (Harvey Two Moors Way map – 1;40,000, Ordnance, Survey Landranger 1:50,000 180, 181, 191, 202, Ordnance Survey Explorer 1:25,000 9, 20, 28, 113, 114, 127)
  • Phone charger, power bank if you want to keep your phone battery charged.
  • Walking poles can be handy but not essential.
  • A pen or pencil
  • Nappy Sacks for toilet use (dirty wipes or toilet paper)
  • Face covering /mask for shop and transport

Hygiene and Medical

  • Insect repellent
  • Sun cream
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Anti-bacterial wipes – flushable or biodegradable wipes only please
  • Tissues
  • Small wash kit, flannel, soap, etc.
  • A small towel
  • Personal first aid kit containing plasters and some Compeed blister plasters.
  • Any personal medication
  • Alcohol hand gel


Food can either be packed for the whole duration prior to the event or you can purchase food on route from shops. When I did the walk earlier this year, I carried 3 days of food rations and topped up from shop visits. We have no problem with pub meals being purchased if time permits it.

We will carry a cool box in our support vehicle, but space will be limited. It is there for your use though. With regards to water, we strongly advise getting a Water to go Bottle, we will carry water containers to resupply, and we will have several options on route to fill up with drinking water.

Mobile phone chargers

If you wish to bring your mobile phone, please bring a power bank charger with you. We will not be charging everyone’s personal phones from our vehicle at the end of the day. The priority will be to ensure the guides/ instructors devices are charged in case of emergency.

Upon booking you will receive all the relevant information for your event via email. This will be to the email address provided upon booking. Please check your junk folder for this information.


Due to H&S requirements, it is essential that disclaimers are completed and returned for each participant prior to your course date. Failure to complete the required disclaimer will result in you being unable to attend the course.


Any photographs or photography taken by the instructors during the course may be used by Serious Outdoor Skills in promotional material or advertising either printed or on the internet. If you do not wish to be present in any photographs, please let your instructor know upon arrival to your event.


You will be responsible for providing your own meals for the duration of the event.

Age Restrictions

Age 16+ *Must attend with a paying adult aged 18+

Q. Can I bring my dog?

  • Unfortunately, dogs cannot attend our events.


Q. I have made a booking, but I have not received any information about my event.

  • An email containing all the course details will be sent to the email address provided upon booking. Please ensure you have entered the correct email address.
  • Please check your junk/spam folder as the email may have been sent there.
  • If you have still not received the course details, please email


Q. I have booked a date I can no longer attend, what are my options?


Q. My event was postponed due to adverse weather, what happens now?

  • Due to the nature of our business, events may be postponed if it is deemed unsafe to run due to adverse weather. In this instance, you will be offered an alternative date to attend your event.


Q. What happens if my event is postponed because of Covid-19?

  • Option 1) You will be provided with a credit note which will be valid for 18 months.
  • Option 2) You will be offered an alternative date, providing availability.
  • Option 3) You will be provided with a refund.
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