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The Arctic Survivor

The Arctic Survivor is a seriously challenging event aimed at outdoor enthusiasts who really want to test their grit!  Participants will be living in the field for the duration of this trip, they will have to make their own shelter, light their own fire, process water and fish for food in order to survive. All of this will be taking place 100 miles inside the Arctic Circle in the peak of winter in sub zero temperatures.

This event will be taking place in the beautiful Boreal Forest in Swedish Lapland near the town of Jukkasjarvi which is the home of the original ice hotel. The region is a winter wonderland with snow covered trees, frozen lakes and regular sightings of the Northern Lights

On this event students will be shown how to:

These skills sessions will be incorporated into the event whilst participants are getting real hands on experience living outside in this beautiful Arctic environment.  This course is perfect for people with a great sense of adventure!

This trip will require a minimum number of people to run. If the minimum number is not met then a full refund will be issued to all clients.  We are not guaranteed to see the Northern Lights, this is weather dependant but there is a very high chance. Flexible payment options are available please enquire with us on


Students arrive at Kiruna airport, we will pick you up and transport you to our remote forest cabin. We will enjoy an evening meal together, plan and brief you on the week ahead and then get some much needed rest.


Our adventure will begin, kit will be packed, snow shoes on and trek into camp.

Tuesday to Thursday

You will be living in the shelters that you have constructed and going through the routine of living in the outdoors in Arctic conditions. You will be guided through these days by our experienced instructors who will also be delivering informative sessions on how to help you survive.


It will be time to leave our camp and return to the cabin , the rest of the day will be yours to relax or explore the nearby village of Jukkasjarvi where the Ice Hotel is built every year. The evening will be a final meal in the cabin together where we can talk about the adventures we have just completed!


Return to Kiruna airport and depart.


1 x rucksack or similar, I use a 110 litre Berghaus bergen which is sufficient. You will be able to fit more kit in your hand luggage aswell. For hand luggage a day sack of 35 litre max will be good for use.

  • 1 x pair of winter boots, fleece lined if possible. Leather walking boots can feel cold in the snow. A pair of alternative footwear for the cabin, flip flops, slippers, sandals, crocs or trainers will be fine.
  • 2 x pairs of warm thermal socks and a pair of ordinary socks.
  • A set of thermals for upper body and legs, plus a spare base layer for your upper body.
  • A pair of outer trousers and a pair of waterproof trousers for further protection are advised.
  • A good jumper or fleece mid layer. Avoid anything cotton such as hoodies.
  • 1 x outer coat, a ski jacket or winter coat will be good, ideally waterproof too.
  • 2 x pairs of gloves, take a warm insulated thick pair and a thinner pair for working in and general use.
  • A warm hat such as a woolly hat ,insulated cap or ski mask. Don’t bring a summer hat you will need to keep your head and ears warm.
  • A scarf or similar to protect your neck and ears.
  • A small wash kit and lip balm.
  • A sleeping bag rated to -20 degrees celsius. A liner may be of use to add additional warmth and a Bivvy bag ideally Goretex.
  • A head torch plus 2 x new sets of batteries will be required.
  • A set of mess tins or billy cans for cooking in and warming water. A scour pad for cleaning.
  • A mug or cup for drinking from.
  • 1 x whistle for emergencies and 2 x emergency snap lights.
  • A knife fork and spoon for eating.
  • Sun glasses – a pair of sun glasses will help reduce snow glare if we have sunny days.
  • A small first aid kit and any relevant medication or pain relief that you feel you may require.
  • food rations for 3 x days.
  • Camera or video camera. Most people use phones these days. If you’re relying on your phone I would recommend bringing a power bank to recharge. The cold weather can affect the life of it.
  • A hot water bottle can help on those cold evenings.
  • Tea or coffee, if you cant go without it make sure you pack enough to last the trip.
  • Additional snacks.
  • Notepad and pen.
  • Ear plugs for sleeping.
Whats included
  • Accommodation for the duration
  • Transfers to and from the airport in Sweden
  • All equipment for snow shoeing
  • Food for Sunday and Friday in the cabin
  • Equipment for activities
  • 2 x experienced qualified first aid trained guides
Whats not included
  • Flights to and from Sweden (details of flights will be advised closer to the time)
  • Food for 4 x days, you will need to pack rations as we will be in the field for this period
  • Travel insurance

We recommend booking the lowfare + option with SAS Airways which entitles you to 1 x 23kg main luggage and 1 x 10kg hand luggage but please check with the airline as we take no responsibility on your travel arrangements.

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