New Bushcraft Course, Buckskin and Deer processing

New Bushcraft Course Buckskin and Deer processing

New Bushcraft Course, Buckskin and Deer processing,This year we are pleased to be adding another new event to our annual calender of Survival and Bushcraft courses. The Hide Tanning and Deer Processing Workshop will give course participants an in depth understanding of how to skin…

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Navigation Courses

The Cairngorms Wilderness Skills Expedition

Navigation Courses. Now we are heading into winter it gives us more time to concentrate on our Navigation and Map reading events as we tend to spend a bit less time in the woods and in our canoes this time of year. Over the next…

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Coastal survival and Bushcraft courses 2020

coastal survival and bushcraft

Coastal Survival and Bushcraft courses 2020. We have just completed our latest Coastal Survival and Bushcraft course which will be the last of this year. We had a lovely group of 12 join us for the weekend at Lansallos in Cornwall. Over the duration of…

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Brain Tanning a Deer Skin by Xander Green

Moccasin making workshop

Throughout history indigenous people around the world have had to rely on animal skins for clothing, footwear, bedding, bags, cordage, and a host of other needs. For these needs to be met, these skins needed to be softened or “Tanned”. Because of my personal interest…

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Survival and Bushcraft courses in Sweden

Swedish Arctic Survival Adventure

Survival and bushcraft courses in Sweden, Myself and some of the SOS team have recently returned from a winter trip in Sweden. Apart from honing our winter skills we were investigating areas to run our future events and we found the perfect venue. From Jan…

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Wild Food Weekend

Wild Food Weekend

Wild food weekend   We have just completed our wild food weekend for 2018 and what a great event it was. The wild Food weekend is held at our camp site on the beautiful National trust estate at Cotehele.  With good weather forecast  we were…

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Navigation Skills blog in the Bushcraft Journal

The Bushcraft Journal

If you are into Bushcraft and wilderness Skills and you haven’t come across The Bushcraft Journal yet then we would strongly advise that you check the Magazine out. The Bushcraft Journal is a free online magazine which offers top spec articles from some of the…

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New Event, Guided walk to Highwillhays Dartmoor

High Willhays Walk

We have recently added a new event to our Facebook page, Join us for a guided walk to High willhays the highest point on Dartmoor. We will also stop at Yes Tor, Black tor and Blackator copse. We will teach you how to hike safely…

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Navigation, planning your adventure by Jack Hendry

Dartmoor Survival and Wilderness Skills Adventure

Navigation is a big subject to cover and  an area that often gets over looked or neglected . It is an essential skill to practice  and to  have a good foundation knowledge of especially if you have an interest in the outdoors whether it be…

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Happy New Year

happy new year

Happy new year   We would like to wish everybody a happy new year and we hope 2018 is a great  year for you.  We have lots of exciting new plans for 2018 we have two new courses on offer so far and more to…

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