New Bushcraft Course, Buckskin and Deer processing

New Bushcraft Course Buckskin and Deer processing

New Bushcraft Course, Buckskin and Deer processing,This year we are pleased to be adding another new event to our annual calender of Survival and Bushcraft courses. The Hide Tanning and Deer Processing Workshop will give course participants an in depth understanding of how to skin and joint a deer and then how to process the hide into buckskin. Buckskin has a wide range of use and was traditionally used for items such as clothing and Moccasins. This event will take place in our woodland camp at Cotehele, Cornwall

Here is some further information from the event

Over the duration of this weekend we will teach you how to skin, butcher and joint a whole deer and  process the hide into buckskin.  You will learn the ancient method of brain-tanning, a process which turns raw deer skin into a soft, pliable material known as buckskin. No chemicals are used in this process, just water, brains (or eggs if you’re squeamish), smoke and some hard work. You will also learn how to hang, skin, joint and butcher the whole animal in the most effective way

What we will cover

All course participants will get hands on experience in the activities and get to leave with their own buckskin

Friday 9am – Sunday 3pm

Serious Outdoor Skills will provide evening meals for this event and all equipment for the course duration. Please feel free to bring your own sleeping system  / tent etc or we can supply a tarp to stay under. This event will take place at our woodland camp at Cotehele Cornwall

Kit List for Hide Tanning and Deer processing  Skills Weekend




Non Essentials

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