Canoe trips on the river Tamar

Canoe trips on the river Tamar

Canoe trips on the river Tamar. We now have lots of dates on our website ready to book for the summer, Come and join us on the Beautiful river Tamar for a guided canoe trip. The canoe trips last approximately 3 hours, we start at Calstock paddling up with the tide, we try to reach Morwellham quay and then return as the tide falls. The scenery up here is beautiful and there is a vast variety of wildlife to spot on our journey, to book call us or visit our website on the below link

River Tamar Guided Canoe Trips

Some of the dates we will be on the river are as follows

Mon 26th July 21 – 6.30pm

Tues 27th July 21 – 7pm

Wed 28th July 21 – 8am

Thurs 29th July 21 – 8.30am

Fri 30th July 21 – 9am

Sat 31st July 21 – 9.30am |



2nd Mon 11.00am

3rd TUE 12.30 pm

4th WED 1.30pm

5th Thu 2.30pm

6th Fri 3.30pm

7th SAT 4.00PM

13th Friday 8.00am

14th sat 8.30am

15th sun 9.30am

23rd Mon 5.30PM

24th Tue 6.00PM

25th Wed 7.00PM

26th Thu 7.00PM

27th Fri 7.30AM

28th sat 8.00AM

29th sun 8.30AM



3RD FRI 2.00PM

4TH SAT 3.00PM

5TH SUN 4.00PM

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