All of our team here at Serious Outdoor Skills aim to please and we take great pride in our teaching style. You won’t be bored with lectures as every session we teach will allow you to take an active part in. You will be learning practically and having to think for yourselves rather than just sitting down and listening to us.

Jack Hendry

Jack’s passion for the outdoors started from an early age. He spent every spare moment exploring Dartmoor and the nearby forests in which he would practice shelter building, learning how to make traps and experimenting with fire. Over the years his skills began to develop and his interests grew into the world of survival and bushcraft. Jack began to attend several bushcraft and survival courses, being taught by some of the most respected figures in the industry. Jack realised he had more to offer and felt that becoming an instructor himself was the next route to take. Jack has gained his following awards and qualifications

Several awards in Survival bushcraft and Wilderness skills that are accredited by the NCFE
Outdoor first aid ITC approved 16hr course
Hill and Moorland leader trained and assessed
NNAS tutor award
NNAS Provider
BCU 3 star open canoe
BCU 3 star Kayak
BCU 4 star Touring award
BCU foundation Safety and Rescue training award and a
Food Hygiene Certificate – Level 2.
A badged member of Dartmoor Mountain Rescue team

Jack has extensive experience in teaching members of the public and running courses for the scouts, school and college groups, cadets and Military,where his friendly, fun and informative approach has been well received. Jack is also member of Dartmoor mountain rescue team and has completed his mountain rescue training and assessments

Dan Dooney

Dan has an impressive history in the outdoors which started at an early age. Dan became a member of the Scouts at 11 years old, he took a keen interest in Dartmoor and the surrounding area where he completed the 10 Tors an impressive 3 times, taking on the most enduring challenge. Dan joined the Army Cadets from the age of 13 and became a member of the shooting team and became part of the Field Craft Senior Section.

When Dan left school, he enrolled on an Outdoor pursuits instructor course at duchy college where he completed his SPA training, ML summer training, 2 star kayaking and canoeing and then gained valuable experience working for Plymouth Outdoor Education Centre. Dan joined the British Army at 21, he became a soldier in the respected Parachute Regiment where he had lots of time in the field on various exercises and expeditions, including the renowned Brecon Beacons and areas in Scotland. While Dan was in the Regiment he gained more valuable skills to his already experienced expertise. He was taught unarmed combat and extensive weapon training.

After Dan left the Army he furthered his interest with various outdoor activities such as shooting and he is a keen hunter. We welcome Dan with his skills and experience as a member of the Serious Outdoor Skills team.

Simon Walker

Simon has always been passionate about the outdoors and wildlife. Growing up in the Devon countryside has given him access to some great wild places, from foraging mushrooms and edible plants in woodlands, diving for crab scallops and lobster on rugged Devon coastline, climbing, trekking and exploring Dartmoor. Overtime he has developed survival and bushcraft skills.

Simon has a great love for food, having worked in professional kitchens; he now enjoys using these skills in wild foraging and cooking around the camp fire, making any meal a real feast.
Simon is a really enthusiastic member of our team and has spent time trekking in Thailand, Bali, Australia and New Zealand along with numerous hiking trips and adventures here in the UK in places such as Snowdonia and The Cairngorms. Another welcome addition to Serious Outdoor Skills.

Steve Clark

As an experienced outdoor instructor Steve’s career began with working as a qualified youth worker, working with young unemployed people helping to enable them to build on their confidence and skills, believing that the great outdoors provides opportunities to inspire and motivate. Steve has worked as an outdoor pursuits instructor in France, Spain, Wales and Devon which included 5 seasons working on the Ardeche River as an open canoe instructor. Steve also spent time working on the Wairapara River in New Zealand as a raft and walking guide and has worked as a freelance outdoor pursuits instructor for Fairbridge working in Snowdonia with young offenders giving them the opportunity to experience what the outdoors has to offer.
Working and living for six months on a mountain in Patagonia, in the remote area of Futlaeufu, gave Steve some great opportunities to put some essential survival and wilderness skills to real use. As a member of the Serious outdoor Skills team, Steve can use his past experiences, his vast knowledge and skills to instruct and encourage others to enjoy learning and putting into practice some valuable outdoor survival skills.

Xander Green

Xander spent much of his time as a child camping under canvas at living history events and re-enactments with his family and friends. This inspired him to learn more about history and the natural world. Being from Devon, Xander spent time well by exploring Dartmoor and its surrounding woodlands . He has been practising camp crafts and skills for over 25 years . He has always had a keen interest in American First Nations culture, which is where his interest in craftwork and bushcraft skills stems from. Xander has been using leather, wood, bark and other natural materials to make clothing and crafts for about 20 years, starting with his first pair of buckskin moccasins when he was just 12 years old. In Xander’s late teens he spent 2 years teaching armed and unarmed martial arts to children (ages 10 – 16). Xander has held shotgun and black powder licences for 15 years.

Xander has spent 13 years in the landscaping industry, giving him a deep understanding of horticulture. – He enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his children. His pastime now includes canoeing ,practising tracking skills , and spotting wildlife on early morning walks
Xander is a welcome addition to the Serious Outdoor Skills Team and brings another field of craft expertise with him.